Car Accident Injury

No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident. Those who have been there will admit that it is not only terrifying but also quite frustrating. Unfortunately, this is not a utopian world where everything flourishes and regardless of how perfect a driver you are, the stakes of finding yourself in the middle of an accident are quite high. Knowing what to do when one happens can make quite a big difference. It is for this reason that we prepared a checklist of things you should when it happens. 

Stop the car immediately: 
It is easy to want to drive away if you think you haven't caused any damage or when you feel it is a slight collision with nothing to worry about. However, driving away is not only a bad idea, but a legal offense. Therefore the first thing to do whenever you have an auto accident regardless of how slight, is to stop. 

Check for injuries: 
The next step to take after a car accident is to check yourself for any damages. Even though it's easy to freak out, going berserk will only make things worse. Therefore, take a deep breath and asses how you feel as you check for any obvious injuries. Additionally, check if any of the passengers with you need urgent medical care and if possible, also check whether the occupants of the other car are okay. If there are injuries involved, follow the next step in our procedure.  

Call 911 and the police: 
If someone is injured or you are worried about possible internal injuries dial 911 immediately so they can get the medical assistance they need. Besides 911, also alert the police. This is important whether or not the auto accident was serous as they will prepare a legal accident report which is often required by the insurance company, and one that prevents any problems in the future. 

Do not leave the scene; Do not interact with the other party: 
As noted earlier, leaving the scene of an accident is a legal offense. Therefore, while you wait for the ambulance and the police to arrive, remain within the scene. If you are blocking traffic and your car can still move, then move it to a place where other motorists can drive away safely. Also, don't interact with the other party. It is easy to want to discuss who is at fault but regardless of how strong the urge might be, DO NOT DISCUSS who is at fault, take responsibility or say how much insurance you have. Admitting liability might cause your insurance firm to reject your claim. Therefore, part of a post-accident procedure is avoiding communication with the other party until the police arrive.  

Collect as much info as possible: 
While waiting for help to arrive also try and collect as much information as possible about the accident. Write down the names and contacts of everyone who was involved as well as the car model and the license plate number. However, ensure you take their insurance card and don’t forget the vehicle ID number. If it’s a minor accident and there are no injuries, take note and if possible pictures just in case the other party tries to later claim for an injury. 

After leaving the accident scene: 
Once the police arrive and you are cleared, ensure you get a copy of their report. Also, contact your insurance company immediately and let them know of the accident. Failure to do so might affect your insurance contract and lowers your chances of compensation. If you sustained any injuries, ensure you keep detailed notes of them regardless of how minor, and keep track of any treatments you get. If the accident was serious and you think things might take a legal swing, ensure you contact a skilled personal injury lawyers to safeguard your right as well as our experts.