New York Pro Bono Attorneys

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Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. With a triple-digit hourly wage, paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a lawyer can seem out of reach. If you find yourself in this situation, then hiring a pro bono lawyer may be the solution you need.

The phrase “pro bono” is derived from the Latin expression pro bono publico meaning “for the good of the people.” All lawyers are required to complete at least fifty hours of services pertaining to helping people at no cost. The attorney provides service free of charge or for a drastically reduced rate. Lawyers offer free legal services to the indigent or those who cannot afford legal representation. This usually includes minors, the homeless, the unemployed, or the elderly.

Free Legal Aid Attorneys

An attorney doing these practices typically handle civil litigation lawsuits. These lawyers deal with divorce, housing, bankruptcy, disability law, and much more. It is fairly easy to find clinics in your area that are close to you, as there are many agencies that offer free legal aid services. Another option is to inquire your local or state bar association. The offices will have a posting of lawyers & attorneys that are active at that time. In New York, there are many different organizations available to you that provide free legal aid. It is very wise to seek these services before committing to any financial agreement with expensive attorneys.

Although lawyers are accessible to anyone, they focus on assisting the more marginalized communities and less fortunate individuals. And because this is a public service, the lawyers often get more requests than they can take. This means that lawyers often have to turn down suitors because there are just too many people in need of help. In most cases, attorneys will only agree to take cases that have enough evidence to guarantee a win to save from hassle. The agencies want to ensure that their time and resources are not waste on a lawsuit heavily stacked against them.

Find Legal Aid Services

Lawyers do not only offer assistance in the courtroom, they provide confidence & a peace of mind. Aside from and handling cases in court, lawyers provide other legal aid services to prepare people for their upcoming trial. Pro bono clinics offer hotlines that can be used to consult an attorney. Here, lawyers can advise the defendant how to approach the case and recommend strategies on how to handle the case.

This allows the lawyers to handle cases for less fortunate individuals while also helping as many people as possible without having to take on an entirely new lawsuit. Hiring an attorney will save you a fortune. Typically, lawyers charge an hourly wage that can range from $100 all the way up to $400 in more affluent areas. Costs can accumulate quickly especially if the case is prolonged.

Sometimes cases can be handled in a day, but some may take weeks to be resolved. The longer your case takes to be resolved the more you have to pay out of pocket. Therefore, if you are able to have an attorney handle your lawsuit for free, you will save tons of money and stress that comes with the process. No cost legal aid attorneys provide an affordable form of legal representation in the courtroom.

New York has plenty of these programs that offer services free of charge, and are meant to serve the indigent and underprivileged. If you are in need of juridical representation and do not have the funds to afford an attorney, look into the free legal services that New York has to offer.