Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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Many healthcare providers, like doctors, are responsible to provide the best care. If a doctor hurts the patient when they are under care, a patient may want to seriously consider hiring a medical malpractice lawyer and discuss how they can make a claim.  Before consulting an attorney, you should find out what to expect here!

How Medical Malpractice Lawyers Work:

A malpractice attorney can assist you through many kinds of claim or settlement process if you have ever been disabled or injured because of negligence of the doctor. Similarly, a doctor could also hire a malpractice lawyer against you if they are accused of doctor’s negligence.

How Do I Know If I Need to Consult a Lawyer?

You may want to look for a medical malpractice lawyer if you have –

  • Suffered through an infection in the doctor’s office
  • Have ever been hurt in a surgery
  • Anesthesia went wrong
  • You doctor failed to diagnose a disease or injury
  • Doctors gave you the wrong prescriptions
  • Patient hasn’t been informed about any possible consequences or risks

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Malpractice Lawyer?

Not all lawyers charge the same. But most malpractice lawyers charge on a contingency rule. You may not need to pay any amount upfront but you will pay a percentage if case is in favor of you. Some of the lawyers charge contingency use the different sliding scale according to the amount you are going to sue for. 

What to Expect from Working with a Pro Bono Malpractice Lawyer:

You may be able to claim for lost wages and medical bills if it is possible to prove the fault of your healthcare professional. It can be done either in court, through a judge, or settling off the court with negotiations between lawyers.

What Does Contingency Basis Mean?

Most malpractice suits are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that the lawyers do not get paid unless there is a recovery for the client. From that recovery, the lawyer’s fee is subtracted, and then the costs advanced by the lawyer must be repaid from the plaintiff’s share of the recovery. Most cases will also involve one or more liens from the plaintiff’s insurance carrier, and these too must be paid from the plaintiff’s share of the recovery.  

If paying the attorneys’ fees, costs, and liens would leave the plaintiff with little to no money, that is obviously not a good outcome for anyone (including the lawyers, believe it or not). Experienced medical malpractice lawyers should have an idea of how much a case will cost in terms of expenses as well as a general idea of what the case will be worth, and can usually do a rough analysis of these numbers very early in the investigation.

Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws

Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws is key to success in your case. Personal injury from medical malpractice may occur from negligence, error, failure to diagnose or any action or inaction that may have caused a harmful event or condition. In the field of medicine, there is a standard of care protocol that guides a physician or health care provider in diagnosing, treating and caring for a patient.

In the field of medical malpractice law, the term, “standard of care”, is often used when scrutinizing a medical malpractice case.