Malpractice & Personal Injury

There are several instances of medical malpractices with the most common ones being negligence, misdiagnosis, carelessness and surgery errors. Dealing with a malpractice case can be exhausting and expensive. Luckily, there are several malpractice lawyers who are well skilled in handling such cases at a fair fee. The attorneys will evaluate the malpractice case and advise their clients accordingly. The client can either be a patient who is suing the practitioner for malpractice, referred to as the plaintiff, or a care giver who has been sued for malpractice, referred to as the defendant.

First, one needs to understand what is a malpractice attorney case evaluation. This is a process whereby the attorney does a thorough investigation on the case and advises their client if they can go ahead and sue or let the matter rest if they find that their client has no case. If the lawyer is representing the medical practitioner, then they can advise them if the case lodged against them is valid.

Medical malpractice cases follow the normal case evaluation procedures. Here is a quick look at the main steps:

First Attorney-Client Meeting -The lawyer will meet the client and gather basic facts about the case. This helps understand what went wrong, damages sustained and the possible impact that the potential plaintiff will have on a jury.

Record Gathering -The attorney will then collect all records relating to the case to ensure that there is no omission that may ruin the case. They will then make a copy of all relevant records such as MRIs, CT Scan and other films.

Expert’s Review -The lawyer will then get a qualified expert to testify for you. The expert is mostly from the medical field and will give their professional input on the matter after a thorough review.

Determine the Case Value - Considering the time and money involved in these cases, the lawyer will evaluate whether the case is worth pursuing considering the net of proceeds from the estimated compensation.

Communicate on Decision - In this final step, the attorney will relay their feedback to the client on whether they will represent them or not based on the findings after extensive assessment of the case.

If one is a victim of Malpractice, they should not suffer in silence. They ought to schedule a malpractice attorney case evaluation appointment with a professional malpractice attorney and learn their legal options.