Locating Local Pro Bono Attorneys in Your Area

A Pro Bono attorney is an attorney that is willing to accept a case without taking any money upfront from the client. A pro Bono attorney agrees to wait until the case is settled before receiving any compensation for his or her legal services. Therefore, if a settlement is awarded to the client, the attorney would take whatever fees are owed out of any settlement monies received.

Local Pro Bono attorneys can be found by possibly calling legal aid or a legal assistance hotline within the county that the person resides. A legal aid representative may be successful in finding a lawyer free of charge near where you live. In addition, a local Pro Bono attorney may also be located by simply calling different attorneys within your immediate vicinity. You may just get lucky and find an attorney willing to accept the case.

Finding a lawyer free of charge near where you live could be challenging. However, if you explain your situation to the lawyer or paralegal, the lawyer may decide to help you out by accepting your case free of charge. Some attorneys, take a certain amount of both Pro Bono cases and cases where they charge the client nothing as a courtesy.

Sometimes lawyers that are established and made a name for themselves will be willing to accept an occasional Pro Bono case or even a case free of charge for a particular client. Some lawyers take cases such as these as a way of giving back to the community and helping out someone in dire need of legal services.

Remember there are lawyers out there willing to help a client in need. It is a matter of making sufficient contacts to locate a lawyer who is understanding and compassionate toward the needs of a client.