Florida Legal Aid

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Legal Aid Attorneys in Florida

Many Florida attorneys offer their services pro bono. These pro bono attorneys can be found by searching for Legal Aid in Florida. Usually, each office has a pamphlet or some other written information that lists pro-bono attorneys in each county. There are numerous offices located throughout Florida.

It is a known fact that attorneys can cost a person a lot of money. Using a free attorney is the same as using a paid attorney. Each one is there to represent you. Each one is committed to doing so. You must qualify to make use of a pro bono attorney. Eligibility requirements are based on where you live. Most every county in Florida has free attorneys you can use. Most often free legal aid Florida has specific guidelines. Each potential user must meet these guidelines. These generally include income, household size, and assets.

Here are some legal practices that attorneys help with:

     ♦ Criminal Law
     ♦ Family Law
     ♦ Business Law
     ♦ Divorce Law
     ♦ Immigration Law
     ♦ & More

Most often you will be eligible providing your income doesn't exceed 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. Some of the Florida guidelines do not require income if it involves elderly clients or domestic violence. Pro Bono lawyers can be found in the major metropolitan areas of Florida: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & more. There are free legal aid services in most areas. We can help!

How to Find Free Legal Aid?

Many of the Florida attorneys offering pro-bono services can be contacted by phone. Many offices will ask you specific questions to determine if you qualify for their program. These questions will generally ask the size of your household, your assets, and your income. There are many resources online that help link you with no cost legal aid. Legal Service Corporation is one of those programs!

Different programs offer different services. However, the most common legal issues covered by pro bono attorneys include Veteran's issues, public benefits, housing, consumer, and children and education issues, domestic violence, family law issues and elder abuse/senior issues. If you are unsure if your legal issue is covered, you need to contact your local office to make this determination.

Eligibility to Receive No Cost Legal Aid?

Most legal aid offices may not assist with issues such as criminal or traffic court cases. If you have such a case, you should call your local public defender or ask the court to assist you with an appointed attorney. By using a legal aid program, offered by the government, this helps low-income people to have legal representation. It also provides expert advice. Services are available for serious criminal matters.

Generally, this means a situation where the person faces the likelihood of going to jail. There are also services available to youth who have committed a crime, or, one has been charged with such. Legal aid in Florida offers pro bono attorneys who perform the same services all other attorneys perform. They offer advice and can assist you in many areas of civil law. Each office has their own guidelines as to the type of cases they accept.

Unfortunately, in many offices, the size of staff and the limited amount of money causes some cases not to be accepted. Some people wonder why criminal cases are not handled by pro bono attorneys. The reason for this is because the state provides public defenders to handle these cases. The public defenders represent people who cannot pay for Florida attorneys. If you have a legal matter you need assistance with, you should locate a legal aid office in your county. If you meet their qualifications, then you may be able to have free attorneys assist you with your case.