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You might believe that applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a simple process. However, 70% of SSDI claims are denied initially. When those filing for SSDI make a second attempt, they may discover that they are denied a second time with 85% of SSDI appeals also being denied. So it's important to be prepared.

How to Get Disability

After being rejected so many times, you might think that you will never be approved for SSDI benefits. You may also believe that you cannot qualify for SSDI if you have applied for workers' compensation benefits. However, neither of these is true.

When you make your third attempt to appeal your denial, your case will be placed in front of an AJL. At this point, you may hire a disability attorney who will make an argument in front of the judge on why you should be approved for your disability benefits. At this point, you have a much better chance of being approved.

Contacting Top Disability Attorneys

The following are some tips to keep in mind when contacting disability attorneys in your area.

  • When you first contact an attorney seeking representation, the attorney will ask you questions over the phone to gather basic information so that they can understand your case. A staff member will develop a sense of whether you have a case or not. This can help you save time if the staff member believes that there is no way you may be entitled to SSDI benefits. However, in some cases, the staff member might be uncertain and will have to consult with an attorney working for the firm.

  • An attorney will review your medical records to determine if you need to undergo further testing. You will usually not have to pay for the cost of obtaining these records until the case is over and you receive a bill. You may be asked to participate in a consultative examination with one of their doctors. You may also be asked to visit a doctor of your choice.

Preparing for Your Hearing

An attorney from the law firm will likely contact you after she has reviewed your file and determined which issues you must address. She will ask a series of questions such as whether you are currently able to work, whether you are on any legal or illegal drugs, when you realized that you were unable to work, whether you are currently seeing a doctor for your disability and whether you have health insurance.

Make sure to answer all of your attorney's questions as accurately as possible and ask for help if you are not able to find the answer to one of these questions.

Fees and Success Rate

To be compensated, your SSDI attorney will need to enter a written fee agreement and submit it to the Social Security Disability Administration. Your disability legal aid can cost anything you and your attorney agree to as long as it is under $6,000 or less than 25% of your backpay. For attorneys who don't pre-screen clients, they will typically have a 70% success rates.