Reputation Defender Services

Take Control of Your Online Reputation. Remove and Suppress Complaints and Bad Reviews. Learn your options!

Maintaining your reputation has become much harder because of the internet. There are many online reputation management companies, which offer special services to either build a positive reputation or repair a damaged reputation. Online reputation management companies first came out in 2006, with the launch of Reputation. Since then, many other companies have opened up, with some specializing in different areas. For example, some websites run online reputation management solely for businesses, while others are available for individuals.

Protecting your reputation online is especially important in 2022. Most hiring managers always Google potential employees. Customers are also more likely to look up a business online before making any purchases. Even if you are confident in your reputation, it is possible someone else has tarnished your name online, or your information has become mixed with someone who has the same name as you.

Content Creation

One of the ways a reputation defender improves your reputation is through content creation. Content creation is largely used to suppress any negative results that come up when someone searches you or your business. The majority of management companies utilize some form of content creation, no matter your issue. Content creation involves building websites, articles, blog posts as well as online press releases. Creating new content drastically improves your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO determines what results show up whenever individuals perform searches for you or your business.

Review Acquisition and Management

Another service is review acquisition and management. This allows the company to purchase existing reviews on popular online platforms, like Facebook, Yelp or Google. If you receive a negative review, the company can either respond on your behalf or notify you immediately so you can offer a response.

Social Media Management 

One of the newest services offered by reputation defending companies is social media management. This is largely used for businesses. With this option, the company creates social media accounts on any sites relating to your business. The main examples include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The company manages your account, working with you to decide what content goes up. They also monitor your profiles for any negative reviews.

Additional Services

There are two other miscellaneous services available through reputation management companies. The first is general online monitoring and reporting. This includes searching through existing websites, blogs, forums and news sites to find information about you or your business. Unlike other services, the company only monitors what is being said. Companies perform this service to research and get a feel of what services are necessary to defend your reputation. It is also a way for the company to periodically check on your reputation and make sure no more negative things are being said. For most companies, online monitoring has become an expected service, so it may not openly be advertised as an available option.

The second service, crisis management, is only offered by select companies. Crisis management largely applies to businesses. It is meant for more severe situations, where your company is actively being attacked. Many of the strategies used during crisis management are the same as traditional cases, but they are performed on a larger or expedited scale for more immediate results.

Cost of Online Reputation Management

How much it costs to hire a reputation defender depends on several factors. It is not uncommon for a business to customize their plan based on the services you need. These defenders conduct a free analysis to determine how damaged your reputation is, and how long it will take to improve your name. Many companies charge on a monthly basis, offering discounted packages for certain periods of coverage, such as six months or one year. You can expect to spend at least several hundred dollars, but for a larger business, reputation defenders may charge several thousand dollars.

Choosing an Online Reputation Management Company

There are many defender reputation services available. One of the top companies is WebiMax. WebiMax prides itself on offering customizable plans. Each client is assigned an individual project manager, who personally works with you to create a strategy you are comfortable with. You are not required to agree to any long-term plans, with most clients working on a month-to-month basis. In addition to defending your reputation, the company also offers digital services, such as web design, lead generation and social media marketing. WebiMax largely works with small businesses, but there are options available for larger companies or individuals.

If you are concerned with your personal reputation, Gadook focuses solely on individual reputation defense. The main services available through Gadook include brand building and social media optimization. This includes boosting your current reputation so favorable results show up when others search for you, as well as helping to rebrand if your reputation was previously damaged. Gadook campaigns, typically last between three and six months. There are additional marketing services available at an hourly rate.

If your main focus is improving your social media presence, Podium is an excellent reputation defender. Podium has received favorable reviews for improving online reputation on sites like Google and Facebook. They use specialized software that allow clients to see what others are saying about you, as well as what reviews and posts Podium has made to improve your reputation. Podium offers custom plans, but you are required to sign a 12-month contract. Because of this, Podium is largely utilized by businesses, who often need the longer plans to improve and protect their reputation.