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There are several reasons why a person may develop a criminal record and it does not necessarily mean that this individual is a bad person. A criminal record can result from some juvenile delinquency or some other extenuating factor. A criminal record after the age of 18 can result in difficulty finding gainful employment or being approved for a home loan. Depending on whether the record is a misdemeanor or a felony, housing availability can also be impacted.

A person with a criminal record may want to have the record expunged. In order to get the record expunged, the person may seek legal advice. There are many legal services that offer expungement, but the expungement may be very expensive. There are some low-cost legal clinics that may be available for criminal expungement.

Pro Bono Criminal Case Attorneys

Legal aid lawyers can help, especially for criminal cases. When legal aid lawyers help criminals, they typically offer free legal services. Free legal services take form in clinics, expungement seminars, and actual representation. There are many ways to clear criminal records. Legal aid lawyers are skilled and understand how to diligently expunge criminal records. The unfortunate reality is that many people with criminal records have a problem getting a job or finding available housing. Legal aid lawyers are a good alternative in helping to get a criminal record expunged. Finding a job is a survival instinct, and criminal legal aid lawyers are experienced to help.

Finding a Criminal Case Attorney

When looking for an attorney for your criminal case, it’s important to be practical about what you can afford. Pro bono attorneys are lawyers who accept cases to represent a client for absolutely no monetary gain. These lawyers offer their services voluntarily in order to give their clients the proper legal representation they are in need of, even though they cannot afford to pay for the legal services.

Sometimes attorneys take this pro bono work in order to gain experience and make their portfolio thicker. In other cases, lawyers will take pro bono work simply just as a way to give back to the community.

  • When looking for a pro bono attorney, you should be looking for a lawyer that has good analytical skills.

  • They should also be able to learn a lot of information and be able to break it down into smaller, easier-to-understand pieces of information. 

This way, it helps the attorney learn all aspects of the case and look at it all together in order to make sense of how to handle the case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

A great attorney should take your case personally, but not too emotionally as this will not allow them to process the case objectively. Related to this, the attorney should be able to gauge the jurors’ reactions to the case in order to understand how the case will be unfolding. They should be able to think creatively and take all the information being absorbed and assess the case.

It’s important to do your research before choosing the attorney to represent your case. There are so many programs that offer pro bono attorneys, so try not to let the cost of hiring legal help dissuade you from getting the help you need. You should consider first what the attorney’s track records are, what their direct experience is, especially if you have a special case such as a criminal one, and what specific legal field they typically work in. One more very important aspect that you should consider before choosing an attorney is how comfortable you feel with them. This is necessary so that you can share every detail you can about your case so that your attorney can properly represent you.