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It has never been easier to create an official legal will. Create your will online. Free services are available. Fast, safe, & easy!

When considering the creation of a will your options include hiring an attorney, drafting it yourself or creating it via an online service. Creating an online will might incorporate the best of all scenarios for your needs at an affordable price. Online wills offer many benefits, in fact, although various legalities of creating a will online must be addressed to ensure its validity. 

Fortunately, top online will-creation companies and services are available in 2021. Creating an online will involves certain average costs even though prices do vary per service. Each online will creation service also offers unique benefits compared to competitor services. Read ahead for an informative guide on how to create a legal will online at affordable prices.

Purpose of a Will

When you die your remaining assets, finances and possessions are collectively referred to as your estate. All comprehensive & solid estate plans include a will. Your will is a legal document, which outlines & details the way your assets, finances and possessions are to be distributed after your death, and to whom. Probate refers to the process of proving the validity of a will. A probate attorney represents specific sides in probate hearings and/or private meetings. A probate judge officially oversees the distribution of the deceased’s assets & possessions (including financial assets). When you have a legal will in place a probate judge simply carries out your wishes in official, legal fashion. Often, however, it is the lack of a will at the time of your death which underscores the importance of having one in place.

Importance of a Will

The literal Oxford dictionary definition of intestate refers to a person who has died without having a will. Ramifications of dying in intestacy often place a significant burden on your family and anyone else with expectations about your assets/possessions. The absence of a will when you die forces a probate judge to determine how and to whom your assets are distributed. This scenario is often commonly draining and sometimes contentious in nature when family members and/or friends must argue over acquisition rights to their loved one’s money and property. 

The website serves as a trusted advocate for quality elderly services & proper care. conducted a cooperative research/survey project with YouGov and discovered approximately sixty-seven percent of Americans die without a will in place. A person does not intend to create additional burden on family members/friends at the time of his or her death. Not creating a legal will has this unintentional impact, however. Conversely, when you do have a legal will in place, a probate judge simply sees to it your final wishes are carried out in an official legal manner, alleviating all decision-making and potentially argumentative burdens from the people you love the most. 

Benefits of Creating an Online Will

Many people avoid creating a will because of the assumed expenses of hiring an attorney to assist in the process. Another reason people in the U.S. choose to not create a will involves a lack of understanding pursuant to legal terminology and drafting clauses correctly. Benefits of creating an online will remove such impediments and allow you to conveniently create a legally-binding will in quick and affordable fashion using a top online service. 

Average costs for purchasing an online will creation template range between $30 and $50, which makes creating an online will cost-effective. Keep in mind how more expensive templates also offer more comprehensive features and services, so be sure to research and comparison-shop between multiple products/services prior to making a purchase commitment. Another benefit of creating a will online is the large number of templates/services available from which to choose. If you do not like one service, multiple competitor services are available mere clicks away. 

Online will creation is convenient. The need to research attorneys, spend time on free consultations and pay high hourly rates is eliminated. However, creating a will online does not prevent you from also contacting an attorney for guidance if you choose. Online wills are storable in various online formats, including Google Drive, Dropbox and cloud storage made available through your chosen will creation company. Creating a will with an attorney sometimes involves financial stress when the process does not happen fast. A primary benefit of creating a will online is the ability to take as much time as you need to go over wording/terms at no extra cost.

Legalities of Online Will Creation

Certain legalities are involved in the creation of an online will. Each state has its own laws pursuant to wills & estates, so make certain your terms & conditions (and service used) follow the laws of your state. A will is a solitary document and does not include estate-related information. If you have any trust, medical directive or other estate-related concerns, additional services and/or an attorney are required.

Language used in online will creation templates is sometimes vague. Make certain to alter generalized language to your specific needs. Wills also need to be witness/notarized to obtain a legal status. Additional legalities to place in your will include:

  • Bank account numbers.

  • List of applicable assets.

  • Stocks.

  • Titles to property/vehicles.

  • Trustees.

  • Guardianship of applicable children.

  • List of caretaker preferences for your pets.

  • List of family heirlooms to be distributed.

Average Costs

Some companies such as FREEWILL and RocketLawyer provide free online legally-binding will creation services. Office and stationary product stores such as Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax charge approximately $5 to $20 for standard pre-formatted will & testament forms. While an attorney might charge anywhere from approximately $100 to $1,000+ to help create your will, online services/templates cost an affordable average of $20 to $100.

Top Companies & Services

Top companies & services are available to help you create a will from your computer or other applicable device. Services range in price from free through one-time charges to recurring subscriptions. The top online creating services in 2021 are:

  • LegalZoom (starting $89).

  • LawDepot (starting $49.95).

  • Quicken WillMaker & Trust (via Nolo starting $99).

  • Willing (starting $69).

  • Tomorrow (starts free; $39.95/yr; customized quotes).

  • Total Legal (starts $9.95/mo or $19.95/one-off).