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All About Civil Rights Law

Civil rights is an ongoing issue in America. Civil rights refers to liberties that are supposed to be equal between all individuals. These liberties include the right to be happy, free, and in pursuit of happiness. The unfortunate reality of civil rights is that historically, the rights have not been equal. Unequal civil rights results in discrimination. That discrimination includes institutional racism, disenfranchisement, oppression, de facto and de jure segregation and a host of other factors.

Affordable Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights refers to when state or governmental officials discriminate against citizens. In order for there to be a civil rights action against the government, there must have been state action. Private action typically does not give rise to a civil rights action. The only time private action gives rise to a civil rights action, is when the private action is in connection to some public accommodation.

If you're unsure if you need a civil rights lawyer, it's important to understand what kind of cases they cover. Civil rights lawyers protect those who face discrimination or other violations of civil rights through settlements and lawsuits. If you have faced discriminations on the following civil rights, you should reach out to your local civil rights lawyer.

  • Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly
  • The right to petition to the government
  • The right to procedural due process
  • Discriminations based on race, sex, and/or national origin

Laws Against Discrimination

The laws against discrimination are written into the United States constitution, state constitution, local and municipal laws. Laws against discrimination are also passed down from Congress. From every branch of government (judicial, executive and legislative) discrimination is illegal. However, the illegality refers to state action. The discriminatory practice in question, must be from a governmental entity or individual.

Civil Rights Brief History

Civil rights history includes topics such as slavery, desegregation, Jim Crow laws, and more. Martin Luther King Jr was a civil rights pioneer during this time. He led peaceful protests, bus boycotts, and sit-ins, to help desegregate the south. The civil rights era was a time when Blacks & Whites were divided in the south, and Blacks were subject to racism and oppression. Successful civil rights efforts resulted in the desegregation of the south. Civil rights are a very important factor in everyday society. Without civil rights, there would not be a platform for ensuring all people have equal rights.

Cost of a Civil Rights Lawyer

Lawyers use many different methods of billing their clients, however civil rights lawyers typically charge an hourly rate or they charge a contingency. Charging on a contingency means that you will not be required to pay anything up front, but if you win your case the lawyer will then take a percentage of your winnings. Contingency is nice because if you lose your case, you don't have to pay your lawyer. Typically contingency cases are only taken when the lawyer is pretty confident you have a chance of winning a good amount of money.