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Are you in need of an attorney or legal aid, but your wallet says otherwise? There are attorneys that provide free legal aid services. It's never been easier to locate these attorneys in your area! Learn more about pro bono legal aid and ways to find these services. We are here to help!

What Does Pro Bono Mean?

The term "pro bono" generally refers to no cost services for the public good. Pro bono attorneys are free of charge, regardless of the outcome of service. They take cases and represent for no monetary gains. Pro bono attorneys may help in all legal practices. The American Bar Association model "Rules of Professional Conduct" recommends a lawyer provide their legal services to the public and those unable to pay for legal services.

Benefits of Pro Bono Services

Pro bono services are especially beneficial to those lacking financial means. The services that these lawyers provide benefits the entire society. It brings opportunity and hope. Free legal aid resources are available out there and may be easily accessible online. Typical attorney fees range from $5,000 and up — prices most Americans cannot immediately afford. The attorneys practicing pro bono voluntarily offer legal representation and helps avoid very high fees. Even individuals, who have been in trouble in the past, may be eligible to receive free attorney services. While some lawyers take pro bono work as a means to gain experience, many lawyers take up pro bono cases to give back to the community.

Types of Attorneys That Handle Pro Bono Cases

In some states, a person is constitutionally entitled to an attorney, whether they are in a position to afford one or not. The U.S. Constitution assures free legal help when charged with a crime, provided the crime might lead to imprisonment. Criminal law is just one of many legal practices that attorneys are provided pro bono. Here are other examples of other legal practices and services:

     ♦ Criminal Lawyers
     ♦ Family Lawyers
     ♦ Divorce Lawyers
     ♦ Bankruptcy Lawyers
     ♦ Personal Injury Lawyers
     ♦ Other Legal Practices

How to Choose an Attorney

When choosing an attorney, it's best to match with the best fit possible. That means matching with the right personality, mutual trust, and a similar vision. Characteristics of a great lawyer are good analytical skills, where they can intake a lot of information and execute a plan. They should take cases personally, be persuasive, able to read jurors reactions and the honesty of witnesses on the stand. Great attorneys should also be creative, think outside the box, and draw logical conclusions from limited information provided by clients.

Attorneys should also have great interpersonal and writing skills. Lawyers are expected to perform thorough research and effectively prepare for the best legal strategy possible. These main skills should be a key indicator of selecting the right attorney for your needs.

How to Find Free Legal Help

There are many pro bono attorney programs that offer free legal aid, but are they easy to find? Yes, and no. Some providers of free legal aid services are community-based and some are individually provided by a lawyer or firm. When looking for an attorney offering free legal counsel, potential clients should pay acute attention to the track record, experience level, and legal practice. It is also important to look for an attorney with whom the client shares a personal comfort level with, as mentioned in the paragraph above. In such a way, that clients and lawyers build a professional relationship. This may lead to better communication on a personal level as well. Clients may also ask family members, neighbors, friends, and use the internet for any guidelines on how to locate an attorney.

There are also organizations that offer hotline services where the client calls and is asked a few questions in order to establish what pro bono lawyer is suitable to represent them. For instance, free legal help may be found using online services.

Here are some legal resources that may help with finding free legal aid and attorneys:

     1) Justia Lawyers
     2) American Bar Assocation
     3) Legal Service Corporation
     4) Lawyers.com
     5) Avvo.com

Pro bono lawyers make a real difference in the society by freely offering legal advice and representing the client throughout the entire case. It is especially important for those that do not have the financial means. Finding a free attorney near you has never been easier!