Pro Bono Services

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By finding local pro bono attorneys, you can gain legal counsel even when you could not otherwise afford it. Pro bono attorneys provide opportunities for low and moderate-income households. These attorneys include public defenders and lawyers provided by non-profits. If you require free legal help, it is essential that you learn more about these lawyers. In doing so, you will know what qualifications you may need to meet and how to find an attorney. 

Where to Find CA Pro Bono Attorneys? 

Pro bono lawyers are free lawyers, which means that you do not need to pay for their counsel. These attorneys are commonly offered by the court or through nonprofit organizations. Free attorneys provide legal opportunities to those who cannot afford it. Having a lawyer is crucial in proceedings for criminal, civil, divorce, and custody cases. 

Who Qualifies for Free Legal Aid in California?

To obtain local pro bono services from a lawyer, you must meet eligibility requirements. These requirements may vary based upon the organization that you are seeking legal help through. Many organizations will require you to meet income-based qualifications. 

Income-based qualifications will typically require you to have low to moderate-income for your household size. In addition to free legal aid services, you may also be able to take advantage of services that are offered on a sliding scale. Sliding scale expenses are related to your income. The lower your income, the lower your legal costs. Pro bono California attorneys work all practices. 

Other local pro bono opportunities may involve eligibility requirements based upon the type of service you need. For example, some providers may only be able to assist with certain types of court proceedings. 

How to Find Free Lawyers in California 

To find free lawyers, you may need to contact nonprofit organizations or search for attorneys within your local area. However, depending on where you live, there may be several programs that are available to you. When inquiring about free legal services, it is essential that you determine any eligibility requirements you must meet. Doing so can save you time and hassle as you will know where you may qualify for help. 

I. San Francisco Attorneys 

There are several organizations that offer San Francisco attorneys at little to no cost. These organizations include, but are not limited to: 

  • San Francisco Law Library — Provides an online page listing for free and low-cost legal services. 
  • BayLegal — Assists with family law, housing, public benefits, domestic violence, and healthcare.
  • Federal Pro Bono Project — Provides free to low-cost attorneys for civil cases. Civil cases may include foreclosure, police misconduct, and employment discrimination cases. 

II. San Jose Attorneys

You may be able to find San Jose attorneys that you can hire for free or for a small fee. The attorneys that will be available to you depend on your case, income, and other factors. If you are in need of assistance, try contacting one of the following organizations:

  • BayLegal — Provides for cases involving family law, housing, public benefits, domestic violence, and healthcare.
  • Project Sentinel — Provide legal aid to low-income households for housing-related cases. This includes mortgage problems, issues between tenants and landlords, the Fair Housing Act, and homeownership cases. 
  • The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley — There are several advocacy programs available. Low-income clients can receive legal assistance for cases involving health conditions, housing, disability, seniors, mental health, and more. 

III. Sacramento Attorneys

If you need Sacramento attorneys, you can contact the following organizations: 

  • Legal Aid Services of Sacramento — Qualifying families and individuals can receive services for several types of cases. Assistance is available for family law, divorce, adoption, domestic violence, government assistance programs, housing, and more. The agency does not handle criminal cases. 
  • Disability Rights California — Disability Rights California provides services for domestic violence, abuse, neglect, public and government benefits, and disability cases.
  • Legal Services of Northern California

IV. Los Angeles Lawyers

Free and low-cost Los Angeles lawyers are available to those who qualify, including: 

  • The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) — This government program provides legal services for a variety of case types. With LAFLA, you can receive help for cases regarding housing, employment, government benefits, family law, and domestic violence.
  • California Lawyers for the Arts — California Lawyers for the Arts provides legal services for creative artists and individuals with art-related concerns. 
  • Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Legal Services Department — This organization provides help with child custody, divorce, housing, wills, immigration, and domestic violence cases. 

V. San Diego Lawyers

If you need California attorneys in the San Diego area, you may benefit from one of the following organizations: 

  • Legal Aid Society of San Diego (LASSD) — LASSD provides several forms of legal services. LASSD aids cases involving consumer, housing, immigration, healthcare, and family law. 
  • University of San Diego Legal Clinics — Free assistance is offered to low-income individuals. You can receive aid for cases related to civil, disability, education, taxes, immigration, consumer, workers’ rights, and veteran laws and claims. 
  • Elder Law & Advocacy (ELA) —Senior citizens and caregivers can receive legal help regarding elder rights, insurance, and housing cases.