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There is only one person who can give a client free legal advice and that is a lawyer. Some find it is way too expensive to hire someone to take on their case. This is why some clients decide to represent themselves. This can be both good and bad. The major downside to this is the client will not be fully equipped and knowledgeable about how to proceed. They will only be working with a limited sense of self. This can prove to be disastrous, especially when the client is headed to court.

There are some tips on getting some free legal advice, especially when the client has decided to represent themselves.

1) Utilize the internet, library, and any other means necessary. There are things like the free legal aid guide and the free legal aid directory. These two resources can help give a person a running start. It may not be the same as having representation, but they can give the client more knowledge.

2) Talk to a lawyer. Some of them may be willing to represent for free. There are some very well-established lawyers who are at the top of their game. Some of them are looking for ways to give back. Find a way to get in touch with them. Some of their contact information is inside the free resource guide. The very least they will do is offer some concrete advice on how to proceed next.

3) File some claims for legal aid. It does not hurt to give it a try. Some clients have been successful with it and have been represented at the same time. There is something called a "Legal Aid Society". Do a Google search for it. They have tons of information available.

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