Find a Pro Bono Attorney

Pro Bono Attorneys

When an individual is in trouble with the law, and is unable to afford an attorney, there are still options. The Federal law states any individual charged with a crime that may result in a prison sentence has the right to legal representation. The court appoints a public defender when the individual is unable to afford a lawyer. This help is not applicable in Civil cases.

How to Find a Lawyer Free of Charge

There is no common denominator for an attorney determining which cases they will accept pro bono. Many attorneys will accept these cases if an individual’s income is below poverty level, in the military, a senior citizen, disabled, or in cases involving abuse, or domestic violence. Layers are selective regarding pro bono work due to the large number of individuals requesting free legal representation.

Hiring a Pro Bono Attorney

Legal Aid clinics offer free services, and are comprised of attorneys, and paralegals. The lawyers generally have experience in the courtroom, and will give free legal advice regarding divorce, Social Security, Disability benefits, unemployment, etc. Their services are usually reserved for individuals who are unable to afford legal fees. Free legal representation is also available through pro bono programs. Many of the states have a program offering pro bono counsel, or staff an organization providing free legal services. Checking your state’s bar website, or the American Bar Association is an excellent way to find a pro bono attorney. Many experienced lawyers offer pro bono work because they want to give something back to their community. 

These services are made available to individuals who are low income, and can only afford legal aid when the fees are waived. If the crime has a sentence, the Public Defender’s office may provide free legal services dependent on income.