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Getting involved in any kind of legal trouble is oftentimes a scary thing. You may be facing serious or sometimes even criminal charges that could change the rest of your life. If you are facing these kinds of situations, the first thing you should consider doing is hiring a lawyer. However, getting a lawyer isn’t always easy. Some people are not as fortunate as others and cannot afford the fees of a lawyer. In these situations, a pro bono attorney can step in and offer legal advice.

A pro bono attorney is a lawyer who will work on a legal case free of charge. However, not just anyone is able to get a lawyer free of charge. There are certain circumstances that people must have in order to be eligible. These circumstances can be anything from proof of low income, extreme circumstance, etc., before you are accepted as a client.

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One of the most difficult things is going to court and fighting for your life. One of the last things you should have to worry about in court is how you are going to pay your lawyer when your case is resolved. Attorneys offer their legal expertise and service to individuals who find themselves in both simple and complex legal situations.

Pro bono is shortened from the Latin term “Pro Bono Publico”, meaning “for the public good.” For lawyers and law students, to work pro bono means they are giving up their time on a voluntary basis for people who require legal assistance, but are not in a position to receive the necessary legal advice.

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